Interview with PES.VN Community Leader: UZAKI

Friday, October 11, 2013

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U can guess which one is Uzaki, right?


We are very thankful that we can have interview with Viet Nguyen Uzaki, Community Leader in Vietnam. Who is studied in UK now and thru chats with him this Indonesia-Vietnam Main Event is plan. Uzaki himself has a amazing reputation as a player in UK, tough he main focus is studying, he can won some events in UK, likes winning 4th Place on UCL Event, 3rd Place on UK Main Event, Top 2 rankings in the end of PES 2013 season, and won 7 offline pesrankings event in a row from London to Birmingham. So, pls welcome Uzaki!


First of all, congratulations for ur team winning, so how u decide 6 members whom compete yesterday?

Quan bi and Quang_Barca are two best Vietnamese Pes 2013 Players and definitely they have to be in the team. In VN, there're still few good players. However, in my opinion, me, CuongDZ, Mitom and Jimmy are best choice at this moment. We couldn't have time to practise Pes 2013 much but we still have some experiences.


What do u think about Indonesia team?

I think all of Indonesian Players played very well. They're all strong and very skillful.

Who is the strongest player in Indo team?

I think any member of Indo team is strong. But the most player that i'm impressed with is QWA.

Since u have experience attending on abroad event, especially in UK, what do u think about WE/PES event in Asia?

The UK PES level is not really high, UK players haven't won any international prizes for a long time, so despite lack of practising because of my main target when i come to the UK is studying, i still won some events in the UK. I think Germany and Italy are two strongest communities in the Europe. The reason is that they also prefer to play offline not online. And this year, one german just won the Pes 2013 World Championship. By my experience, i guess that Indonesian and vietnamese PES levels are really close to them.

Do u hav suggestion? Or maybe wishses for next event, either its from official Konami or not in terms of held an communities event

My suggestion is that we can invite more countries next year. To do that, we should find more sposors so that we can organize serious events. By the way, I also wish that Konami could care about asian communities more. But the problem always is privacy. I hope we can find a way to figure it out.

Last, do u hav something to say to asian communities and Indonesia community specificly, thank u ^^

As a leader of VN community, I hope another asian communities can unite and try to be stronger and stronger. I greatly appreciate what Indonesie doing and wish you guys best of luck.

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